Convert a File to base64 String in JavaScript

The idea behind my concept is simple. Firstly pick the file which you want to convert from the system’s HDD using HTML5 file browser. Once the file is selected, read the file as binary string using the FileReader API. At last convert the binary string to base64 using JavaScript. Let’s See in detail:- Attach a … Continue reading “Convert a File to base64 String in JavaScript”

using jinvertscroll plugin

I always wanted write about parallax and horizontal scrolling. Now i have got the chance to share with jinvertscroll. jinvertscroll is an amazing jQuery plugin to scroll the contents of your webpage horizontally and it supports the major feature which all the developers care about, that is nothing but Responsiveness. It’s a lightweight plugin which … Continue reading “using jinvertscroll plugin”

Managing CSS with animo.js

A powerful and lightweight tool for managing css animations. Stack animations, create cross-browser blurring, set callbacks on animation completion, make magic. According to my experience, usage of plugins to get the animations and transitions would have been hard without animo.js. The cross browser support is the most amazing thing which i like in animo.js. I … Continue reading “Managing CSS with animo.js”

How to run hello world program in node.js

I know we all have the tendency to skip the steps while following a methodology, but running a program in node.js is very simple if you follow these steps:- Firstly download the node.js from “official website“, if you have already done it it’s fine. InStructions for Windows Click on downloads and select the .msi   file … Continue reading “How to run hello world program in node.js”