Page Transitions with ANIMSITION

ANIMSITION is a simple jquery plugin for page transitions.
we all know that CSS3 has ample of transitions and rotation features which help developers get descent enough types of effects in page transitions. At the same time JQUERY has got many effects like fade, rotate etc, to get complex effects in to our project easily.

Animsition is one of kind which combines CSS3 and JQUERY to get the complex page transitions with many features more easily. Just by specifying the class names and values for the options provided by the plugin we will be able to get any possible transition type.

Using Animsition in to a web project is so easy, we just need to include two files as part of our project assuming Jquery.js is already included. One is javascript file and the other is a stylesheet. we can download the files from or we can even place cdn links as values for src attribute and for the href. The files are available in google API as well as cloudflare.

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