Documenting Components with Storybook in Angular

Storybook is one of the successful libraries for documenting UI components in most of the frameworks, Though it started as a React library, Storybook supports most of the frameworks which follows the Component Driven Architecture. Component Driven Architecture or Component Driven Development is nothing but building your application screens from ground up. Building components that … Continue reading “Documenting Components with Storybook in Angular”

what is the value of “this” inside javascript setTimeout?

Let’s start with the basics and understand how the setTimeout methods are executed in the browser. We will see the Call stack, Browser API and Message queue to understand the topic here. Basically every statement executed in Javascript are sent to Call stack to get executed one by one and in there if it encounters … Continue reading “what is the value of “this” inside javascript setTimeout?”

ES6 classes in javascript

Under the hood, ES6 classes are not something that is radically new: They mainly provide more convenient syntax to create old-school constructor functions. That’s the main reason why everyone calls it as syntactic sugar. ES6 classes provide a clean and concise way to write object-oriented JavaScript. “Instantiating” a class in JavaScript does create a new … Continue reading “ES6 classes in javascript”

Maps and Sets in javascript with example

Data structures in computer science refers to the programming storage of data for efficient usage in applications and algorithms. In the major release of javascript(ES6), four data structures were made available to the developers which really made javascript development further ease. They are Map, WeakMap, Set and WeakSet. Maps and WeakMaps Maps are nothing but … Continue reading “Maps and Sets in javascript with example”

ES6 new features – Part 2

Before diving into the core concepts like ‘Class’ and ‘Promises’ of ES6, let us see some minor changes which really helps in daily life coding. Destructuring Assignment Destructuring assignment on arrays allows for much more efficient array manipulation and assigns multiple variables from array data based on the index value.

Destructuring assignment on objects … Continue reading “ES6 new features – Part 2”